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Free yourself from your lease!

Legally and without penalties

The Proprio Direct broker will explain to you how to negotiate a promise to purchase conditional upon the release of your lease with the proper documents. Nothing to lose, everything to gain!

You cannot "break" your lease whenever you please, not even by offering a three-month rent allowance to the landlord. The Régie du logement has made several regulations and exceptions to this rule. And even though your Proprio Direct broker knows these norms like the back of his hand, he will recommend that you give your lease to another tenant instead of trying to terminate it. This is an easier and less costly procedure with a much higher success rate.

Thus, by submitting a promise to purchase on your first property, conditional upon the assignment of your lease, nothing can happen to you: if the seller does not accept your promise to purchase or cancels it, you simply keep your apartment. It's the best of both worlds !

To advertise an apartment for rent or for subleasing, Proprio Direct recommends the LogisQuébec.com site, a partner of our Visibili-T program for many years.

Recover your taxes!

With the Home Buyers’ Plan (H.B.P), it's possible!

Your broker calculates with you your possible tax return in the case of a purchase of a first acquisition.

The Home Buyers' Plan is a federal government incentive that allows you to withdraw up to $ 25,000 from your registered savings and retirement plan (RRSP) without penalty. However, what few people know is that this program is also available to first-time homebuyers who do not have any, or not enough accumulated, RRSPs to fully benefit from this tax benefit.

Your Proprio Direct broker knows about these exceptional cases and is able to inform you on how you could recover income taxes paid in the past in order to come up with the down payment (or part of the down payment) for your new property, for renovations or for any other related project of your choice.

Get the best mortgage loan!

We process thousands of mortgage applications annually.

Before embarking on the search for your dream property, we strongly recommend that you take a few minutes to properly assess your borrowing capacity. What could be more frustrating than finding the rare gem and not being able to conclude a promise to purchase due to lack of financing? Your Proprio Direct broker can provide you with information and direct you to the mortgage financing solution that is best suited to your situation.

Do not miss any opportunities!

Be among the first to be informed!

When our brokers come across great opportunities that perfectly match your budget and your needs, you will be notified right away!

Talk to the broker in your area Sell a property with Proprio Direct and you could get a lot of AIR MILES® miles as a gift!

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