Advices for a first real estate purchase

Go From Tenant to Home Owner In 4 Easy Steps!

You don’t have to wait until the end of your lease to take advantage of a great opportunity when it presents itself!

Meet with a Proprio Direct broker today to learn how to easily switch from tenant to home owner.

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Best possible conditions and preapproval

From the preapproval period to the actual mortgage loan, we handle thousands of applications each year. An opportunity not to be missed!

Find your mortgage

Proprio Direct has given instructions to the representatives of major financial institutions to obtain for its clients the best possible financing conditions. An opportunity not to be missed!

Your first choice:

Use your income tax return for the purchase of your next property!

It’s possible with the Home Buyers’ Plan (H.B.P.).

Your broker can help you calculate your potential income tax refund so that you may buy your first home. The Home Buyer’s Plan (H.B.P.) makes it possible. An opportunity not to be missed!

Free yourself from your lease!

Legally and without any penalty

Your Proprio Direct broker will show you how to negotiate a promise to purchase conditional upon the cancellation of your lease. An opportunity not to be missed!
« Everything to gain, and nothing to lose ! » :
· You become a home owner and are no longer responsible for your lease
· If the conditions cannot be met, you don’t lose your apartment

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Given the number of properties our brokers get to visit, they often come across great deals they can offer directly to their customers based on their budget and their needs. An opportunity not to be missed!