Moving Guide

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How to prepare?

You're embarking on a big adventure in the next few weeks: you're moving into your new home! It's no secret that a move can be both exciting and stressful. To make sure that this day goes smoothly, here is our guide to help you before and during your move to be the most efficient!

01 Before the move

  • Set a moving date. If possible, allow yourself a few days before that date for painting and cleaning.
  • Get quotes from more than one mover and make sure they are reliable.
    • Note that during peak moving season (July 1st) rates can double. You should also book a few weeks in advance.
  • Plan for the relocation of your Internet and cable services to your new home.
  • Start sorting through all your belongings. Throw away, donate, or sell anything you no longer use.
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02 Plan your move

  • Get boxes, tape, markers, newspaper, and bubble wrap.
  • Develop an organizational system that will help you easily locate what's in the boxes.
  • Determine who will help you on the day.
  • Find someone to watch your children and pets.
  • Check to see if you need to reserve the elevator or a parking spot for the truck.
  • Make a to-do list before the big day.

03 A few weeks before

  • Start packing things you don't use every day: winter clothes and accessories, fancy tableware, books, decorations, etc.
  • Gradually dispose of the food in the freezer and pantry.
  • Make your address changes for:
    • Utilities: electric, gas, oil, phone, cable (cable/Internet), etc.
    • Government agencies: Canada Post, SAAQ, Medicare, Canada Pension Plan, Quebec Pension Plan and Child Support (family allowances), Revenue Quebec and Canada Revenue Agency.
    • Insurance: home, life, auto and business.
    • Various suppliers: bank, credit card suppliers, pharmacy, etc.
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04 The week before

  • Pack as many items as possible to avoid doing everything the day before the move.
  • Disassemble the furniture if the mover does not.
  • Clean the appliances inside and out.
  • Paint and clean your new home, if possible.

05 The day before

  • Finish packing all your belongings.
  • Prepare a box with all the cleaning products and items needed to clean your new property.
  • Unplug electronics and take pictures for the relocation.
  • Unplug the washer and drain the hose.
  • Prepare a "survival kit" and cooler for the next day: water, snacks, disposable utensils and dishes, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, medications, etc.
  • Pack clothes and essentials for the next few days.
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06 The big day has finally arrived!

  • Old property:
    • Confirm address with movers.
    • Unplug the refrigerator and any other appliances.
    • Do a final cleaning (take out the garbage and wipe down all surfaces).
    • Make sure every room is empty and all lights are off.
  • New property:
    • Arrive before the movers.
    • Reserve a parking space for the truck.
    • Walk around the premises to make sure everything is in good condition.
    • Supervise the movers' work.
    • Clean up any rooms that need a little sprucing up.
    • Unpack the boxes, room by room, as you go.

Have a great move!