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« We were very satisfied with the assistance we received. Our broker walked us through the entire process and helped us avoid a big mistake. Once again, a big thank you! » Stéphanie and Justin Mercier
« An extra $5,000 in our pocket! Not only was Nicole a pleasure to work with, we were able to benefit from her experience and valuable advice throughout the process. » Jeanne and Martin Lemieux
« Within days we found a new unit in an idyllic project. The paperwork was handled by our broker, which also took a big weight off our shoulders. » Richard, retraité
Programmes exclusifs
Programme Complici-t

Complici-T : the best of both worlds!

Proprio Direct stands out with its unique offer that allows you to find your buyer while benefiting from the services of a broker from the beginning to the end of the transaction and benefiting from an advantageous 2% commission rate.*

Whether you deal directly with the buyer or through a broker, Proprio Direct brokers do all the work:

  • Free estimate of the market value of the property
  • Taking professional photos
  • The exclusive and efficient marketing strategy
  • Digital marketing report available in one click (Activi-T)
  • Display your property on Realtor (MLS), Centris and over 100 real estate websites (Visibili-T)
  • Verification of required documents
  • Serenity Insurance Sereni-T (participating brokers only)
  • Coordination of calls, visits and other inquiries
  • Negotiation and drafting of contractual documents related to promises to purchase
  • Assistance in obtaining mortgage financing (buyer and refinancing)
  • Follow-up with other specialized stakeholders (surveyor, evaluator, building inspector, etc.)
  • Follow-up of the file until the notary
  • Accompaniment service for the purchase of your new property (relocation service)

Our program Complici-T is a simple, unique and up-to-date formula that offers you the best of both worlds to sell in the best possible conditions!

* When you find the buyer. Minimum commission of $2000 plus taxes if the price of the property is under $100,000.

Programme Séréni-t

Séréni-T : the assurance of a transaction in complete confidence

We know that life can sometimes be unexpected, so Proprio Direct offers you peace of mind during and after your transaction with its protection Séréni-T. This protection is offered free of charge when you make a transaction with one of our real estate brokers participating in the program. The program includes a complete range of insurance and real estate protection services that will protect you from unforeseen events throughout and after the property transaction process.

We understand that buying or selling a property is a major transaction, certainly one of the most important in your life. That's why it deserves to be insured. Séréni-T protects you financially and legally against a variety of issues including delays and disclaimers as well as compensation for legal fees incurred in the event of litigation (ex. : hidden defects), and gives you access to legal advice during and after the transaction.

  • Protection against delays or withdrawals during the transaction

    Séréni-T protects you in the event of a delay or withdrawal by either party following the signing of an offer to purchase by covering the additional costs that may be incurred. Whether it is a divorce, a change in financial situation, a health problem or a withdrawal of the other party due to a situation beyond your control, our protection applies.

  • Coverage of legal costs in the event of litigation

    Our protection also provides compensation of up to $3,000 for legal fees incurred in the event of a dispute related to the real estate transaction. Whether it is following the discovery of a hidden defect or a dispute with a neighbor, legal fees could be reimbursed for a period of 365 days following the transaction.

  • Legal assistance for your questions related to the transaction

    The protection of Séréni-T gives you access to a legal assistance service specialized in real estate to answer all your questions related to your real estate transaction, without limit or maximum number of consultation hours, anywhere in Quebec.

Talk to your broker now!

Benefit from free Séréni-T by retaining the services of our real estate brokers * At no cost to our clients, this protection was created to bring you peace of mind during and after your real estate transaction.

Certain conditions and deductibles apply to each coverage.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact your broker directly or contact us at: 1-877-243-8580.

* Applicable to participating Proprio Direct real estate brokers

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Programme Visibili-t

Visibili-T : the more it is seen, the faster it is sold

When you do business with a Proprio Direct real estate broker, you automatically have access to our Visibili-T. The latter allows you to post your property for free on the most popular real estate sites including, among others, the Centris, Realtor (MLS), Facebook, Journal de Montréal, Logis Québec, Prestige MLS networks. Your property will therefore be found on more than 100 national and international sites, portals and social media, reaching more than one million buyers per month..

Moreover, you will retain the privilege of finding the buyer yourself while benefiting from the services of one of our brokers from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

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Programme Activi-t


With an exclusive program, Activi-T, your Proprio Direct real estate broker offers you a complete and personalized report of all the surrounding the sale of your property.

With a single click :

  • See how many visits your property generates;
  • Check out the latest market data and data for your industry;
  • Access your broker's logbook and see the most recent activity reports on your property.

Stay informed at all times!

Visite libre en direct

Direct open house

During the open house, you will be greeted by the sellers. They will be happy to discuss their property with you from every angle! Who better to discuss a house with passion than those who have lived there for a long time? This program allows sellers to sell their property more quickly!