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Sell ​​yourself or with a broker? Why not both !

Choosing Proprio Direct means maximizing your chances of selling your property all while saving tons of money.

Proprio Direct
Sell by yourself.
And with a broker.
Benefit from the services of a broker while still having the opportunity to find your own buyer and save on the commission, that's the Proprio Direct advantage. The ideal formula that offers you the best of both worlds and one that perfectly meets current market trends.
Sell by yourself.
No broker.
Reach 100% of buyers - Proprio Direct

Reach 100% of buyers

DuProprio does not deal with buyers. You can not benefit from any service or any advantage from them for your relocation. You are left to your own devices.

Proprio Direct
Proprio Direct deals with buyers. question mark

Proprio Direct takes care of buyers and applies the rule of 3R : reach, retain and recover the buyers.

REACH : With our VISIBILI-T program, your property is listed wherever buyers look.

RETAIN : In the majority of the cases, buyers rarely buy the first property he visits. That's why, after a fruitless visit of another property, your Proprio Direct broker redirects systematically the potential buyers towards your property.

RECOVER : Leaning on a network of about 15 000 real estate brokers working in collaboration via the exclusive platform MLS / CENTRIS, Proprio Direct allows you to multiply the number of times when your property is presented and/or visited by potential buyers thus increasing your chances to sell even more quickly.

The formula attracts 100% buyers in the market.
By offering buyers the possibility to deal directly with the owner (30% of real estate sales) or with a broker (70% of real estate sales)*, Proprio Direct remains the only banner of importance in Quebec that reaches 100% of buyers. As a seller, you enjoy the best of both worlds, as well as impeccable service throughout the process, even if you find the buyer yourself!
DuProprio does not deal with buyers. question mark
DuProprio does not deal with buyers.
The formula attracts less than 30% buyers in the market.

A large network for more visibility

To sell quickly, you need to make sure you reach the maximum possible number of buyers possible. Save time and money since Proprio Direct does all this for you!

Proprio Direct
15,000 brokers working together.
Access to exclusive Centris and Realtor platforms (MLS).
Visibili-T Program: Your property is displayed WHEREVER buyers are searching.
The Visibili-T program displays your listing on nearly 100 classified, real estate portal and social media sites around the world, including Centris and Realtor (MLS).
No collaboration.
No Access to any network to enhance your visits.
Restricted visibility.
Nobody redirects potential buyers to your property after the unsuccessful visit of another property, DuProprio customers do not help each other.

It's sold or it's free !

No surprises, no trap, no incidentals!

Proprio Direct
Nothing to pay before having sold.
Commission rate starting at only 2%*.
Our guarantee: It's sold or it's free!

* When you find the buyer. Minimum commission of $ 2000, plus taxes.
Fees up to $ 1,000 payable upon registration without any guarantee of selling.
Additional fees of several hundred dollars for options, ads, newspapers etc…

Protection against risks

With Proprio Direct, you benefit from all the protections provided by the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

Proprio Direct
Protection against risks.
By using the services of a Proprio Direct broker, you AUTOMATICALLY benefit from all the protections provided by the Real Estate Brokerage Act, which protects sellers and buyers against the risk of costly errors or omissions.
No protection, the transaction is at your risk. question mark
Proprio Direct vs DuProprio
Sell by yourself and be left to yourself, here are in a few words how one could summarize the DuProprio offer. Do you have any doubts?

Free After Sales Service **

Proprio Direct thinks of everything and accompanies you ... up until the end !

Proprio Direct
Free After Sales Service **.
Selling your property often means you need to find a new one to relocate to. That's why your Proprio Direct broker is the right person not only to sell your property but also for assisting you in finding your new property, at no extra cost, when you buy one that’s listed with a broker.
No after-sales service.
DuProprio does not deal with buyers. You can not benefit from any service or any advantage from them for your relocation. You are left to yourself.

** No charge when purchaser buys a property registered with a real estate broker. Fees may apply for properties that are not already listed with a real estate broker.

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