• the buyers

  • Buyers are
    left on their own

Take a chance? Or put all the chances on your side?

Sell it yourself, or with a broker? Why not both!

Benefit from a broker's services while retaining the opportunity to find a buyer yourself and save on the commission. That's the Proprio Direct advantage.

A simple formula that offers you the best of both worlds and responds perfectly to current market trends.

Sell by
and with
a broker
Sell by
and with
a broker

Reach 100% of buyers

To sell quickly, you need to be sure to reach the maximum buyers possible. Proprio Direct gets it.

By offering buyers the chance to deal directly with the owner (30% of cases) or with a broker (70% of cases)*, Proprio Direct remains the only major company in Quebec to reach 100% of buyers. As a seller, you benefit from the best of both worlds, and impeccable service throughout the process. Even if you find your own buyer!

* Source : Centris
The Proprio Direct
attracts 100%
of buyers
The Duproprio
attracts only 30%
of buyers

Buyers and the 3R Rule

As a buyers specialist, Proprio Direct applies the 3R Rule: reach, retain and recuperate buyers. DuProprio, on the other hand, doesn't really handle buyers at all. This is primarily a service that is offered only to sellers while buyers are left to themselves.

- La Presse +, August 3, 2016 edition

  • 100% of buyers
  • The Visibili-T program allows you to be listed on the main Internet ad sites, as well as on the MLS/CENTRIS network. Your property is listed WHEREVER buyers look.
  • 30% of buyers
  • Visibility is restricted to just their site

In the majority of cases, buyers rarely buy the first property they visit.
Proprio Direct brokers systematically redirect potential buyers to your property after unsuccessful visits to other properties.

No broker to redirect potential buyers to your property after an unsuccessful visit to another property.
DuProprio's clients don't refer any buyers between themselves.

  • A network of over 15,000 real estate brokers working together
  • Access to the exclusive MLS/CENTRIS network multiplying the number of times your property is shown to and/or visited by potential buyers
  • No broker so no collaboration
  • No network access to increase your visits

Only pay if you sell

Like the idea of saving on commission? With Proprio Direct, you only pay if you sell, and you benefit from a commission rate starting at only 2%*.

(See offer details)

Pay only
if you sell

only 2%

Fees of up to $1000 payable upon registration

Supplementary fees of many hundreds of dollars for options.

Protection against risks

By using the services of a Proprio Direct broker, you benefit AUTOMATICALLY from all the protections provided by the Real Estate Brokerage Act, which protects sellers and buyers against the risk of expensive errors or omissions.

Selling yourself and being left to oneself, here's a few words how we could summarize the DuProprio offer.

You doubt See for yourself .

Protection against

No protection

The transaction is at your own risk.

No fee relocation service

Selling your property often means you have to find a new one to relocate. That's why Proprio Direct helps you to relocate, at no cost ** . For its part, DuProprio offers services only to sellers and does not take care of buyers.

Relocation service
no-fee **


* 2 % if the buyer chooses to buy direct. Minimum commission of $ 2,000 payable when the sale price is less than $ 100,000, plus taxes.

** No charge when purchaser buys a property registered with a real estate broker. Fees may apply for properties that are not already listed with a real estate broker.
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