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At Proprio Direct, journeys are built upon dreams. You are in charge of building your future, shaped by your aspirations and desires. Our role is to listen to you and help you achieve your most ambitious goals!

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Proprio Direct benefits from the expertise of nearly 800 real estate brokers serving the entire province, making us the largest independent real estate firm in Quebec.

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Proprio Direct's marketing programs are among the best in the industry and have been proven to ensure high visibility for your property.

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Our unique offer allows you to find your buyer yourself while benefiting from the services of a broker from start to finish. You will benefit from a favorable commission rate of 2%.

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Take your career to new heights

Proprio Direct is here to contribute to the success of all our brokers by offering them a set of advantages, guidelines and services tailored to ensure that they provide a one-of-a-kind support to their clients.

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