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You want to sell your property quickly? To make that happen, we need your home to be visible to as many potential buyers as possible. This is precisely the opportunity that I offer to my clients. You get to benefit from the strength of a powerful network by using the services of a Proprio Direct realtor. By doing so, your home will be visible on fifteen Web sites, including MLS and Centris which are known to reach a large pool of potential buyers. This visibility will consequently increase the number of visits of your property and your chances of selling quickly. If despite all this visibility you end up finding your own buyer there’s no need to worry. You will only have to pay me a reduced commission rate and you still benefit from my expertise from the beginning up until the end of the transaction. Are you rather looking to purchase a property? I can help you with that as well! Contact me now for more information about my services or to make an appointment.

Experience in real estate
9 years


Businesses, Commercial, Condominiums, Cottages, First Time Buyers, Land, Multiplex, Residential.


  • September 2015VENTES, module 2 - Comment négocier avec assurance
  • May 2016VENTE, module 1 - Premier achat immobilier et régime d'accession à la propriété
  • September 2016PERFECTIONNEMENT - Quatre approches gagnantes pour les vendeurs privés
  • January 2017MARKETING, module 1 - Le plan de communication du courtier immobilier
Chantal Boudrias

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