Why sell with Proprio Direct ?

The formula that attracts 100% of buyers - Proprio Direct

The formula that attracts 100% of buyers

For more than 30 years, Proprio Direct has attracted both buyers who want to buy direct and those who prefer to buy with a broker. This creates more traffic on our listings.

Nothing to pay before having sold - Proprio Direct

It's sold or it's free

Proprio Direct allows you to sell on your own, while enjoying the services of a broker and benefit from a very advantageous commission rate. And there are no registration fees or paid options with Proprio Direct !

Exclusif marketing programs - Proprio Direct

Exclusif marketing programs

With Proprio Direct, you benefit from the efficiency of our industry-leading exclusive marketing programs.

Earn AIR MILES<sup>®</sup> Reward Miles - Proprio Direct

Earn AIR MILES® Reward Miles

Proprio Direct is the only real estate agency in Quebec that can offer you AIR MILES® reward miles to earn even more quickly.

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