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It’s no secret that the Internet has completely transformed the real estate market. This technological progress has democratized the sale of real estate. And the result? The marketing rules that once prevailed are becoming less and less relevant.

That’s why Proprio Direct developed a unique marketing system that is very much with the times. Our business model recognizes the changing trends in the real estate market and meets the needs of 100% of clients—even those who wish to sell without an intermediary (FSBO).

Our team of over 700 brokers is backed by a network of professionals who are wholly dedicated to ensuring our brokers’ success by providing support, tools, and a marketing system that is among the most effective and competitive in all the industry.

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The Proprio Direct System

Turnkey service, results, exclusive offering.


All our brokers… and their clients enjoy our free exclusive marketing programs which are among the best in the industry

Marketing is crucial when selling a property. This is why Proprio Direct has developed a range of exclusive programs which have been proven to be effective and which comprise all the required aspects throughout the process, leading up to the sale.

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A noticeable and respected presence that bolsters our success

Year after year, Proprio Direct makes its mark with a constant presence in the media and effective and relevant ads. This explains why we keep gaining in popularity votes, classifying us among the 150 businesses most admired by Quebecers.* For the Proprio Direct real estate brokers, this strength in advertising translates into more visibility and a higher profile, which in turn leads to more clients, more sales, more easily.

*According to a Léger Marketing survey conducted since 2008 for Commerce magazine and/or Journal Les Affaires


The necessary know-how to remain a leader in your field

From the moment they join our team, all future Proprio Direct real estate brokers are specially trained on the strategic, administrative and operational aspects of the “Proprio Direct Approach” to real estate.

In addition, knowing that the real estate market is constantly evolving, we host periodic seminars and workshops on various topics in order to further the expertise of our real estate brokers.


Support Tools and comprehensive support that foster success

Our business culture is fundamentally centered on service. Proprio Direct’s success is inextricably linked to the success of its real estate brokers, which is why we have established a comprehensive support structure aimed at providing real estate brokers with the necessary operational backing to achieve superior results.

  • Marketing support
  • Technical and training support
  • Legal support and designated lawyers
  • Administrative support
  • Technological support
  • Social activities

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2014 Leger Marketing Survey
Top 50 most admired companies in Quebec

In its survey of the TOP 50 MOST ADMIRED COMPANIES IN QUEBEC, Leger Marketing confirms that Proprio Direct dominates in rankings way ahead of all competing real estate agencies.

Consult the Leger rankings Consult the Journal de Montreal article

August 2013 Intelligia survey
Brokers' perception with
respect to their agency

For the second consecutive edition , Proprio Direct comes in first place both in terms of its overall ranking in the 16 surveyed categories, as well as for the global average obtained (7.8 / 10) – Intelligia Survey , page 14

The 16 surveyed categories are:

  • The Firm’s Ethics
  • Quality of Listings
  • Commission Paid by Clients
  • Customer Service
  • Projected Image
  • Commission Offered to Brokers
  • Listing Advertising/Showcasing
  • Legal Services
  • Training
  • Corporate Culture
  • Intranet
  • Sales Support
  • Innovation, Products and Guarantees
  • Advertising of the Firm
  • Customer Management Software
  • Documents Destined for Customers

Question from the survey

On a scale of 1 to 10, whereas 1 means "poor" and 10 means "excellent", evaluate the real estate agency in which you work on each of the following categories ...

  • 2013
  • 2010
Results of the survey on the growth prospects and business practices of real estate brokers working in Quebec